Friends of Al-Khidmat,

I express my gratitude for your support to Al-Khidmat over the years. Your belief in the cause of orphan care has made all the difference in the lives of orphan children and their families being supported under Al-Khidmat Orphan Care Program. With your active support, Al-Khidmat Karachi is providing more than 600 orphans and their families all the educational, financial and moral support which include: School Fees, School Uniform, Syllabus Books, and Stationary in addition to monthly allowance for widow mother/guardian, under Orphan Family Care Support Program. Similarly for mental and spiritual upbringing of orphan, Al-Khidmat organizes a series of recreational activities program covered. This year we plan to extend coverage of orphan family support program by adding 1,000 additional orphans under this program support.

In order to accommodate the needs of most vulnerable orphans who lost their both parents and there is no body in their immediate family to take care of them, Al-Khidmat Karachi has initiated establishment of foster home with the name of Agosh Karachi at Gulshan-e-Maymar, Karachi. The Agosh Karachi project is a state of art boarding & lodging, schooling, and recreation facility with the capacity to accommodate 200 orphan children. The construction work on Al-Khidmat Karachi project was initiated in June 2015 and continuous at rapid pace till date and expected to be completed by June by end of 2017.

The sponsorship cost for orphan support under Orphan Family Support Program comes to tune of PKR 3,000/= per orphan/per month and PKR 36,000/= per orphan/ per year. Likewise support cost for orphan support under Karachi Agosh comes to tune of PKR 8,000/= per orphan per month and PKR 96,000/= per orphan/per year.

As we approach the month of sharing and generosity, let us renew our resolve of providing the orphans with a home, love, happiness, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual nourishment, quality education, by sponsoring orphans with our Zakat and other charitable contribution.

I wish you a blessed month of Ramadan.


Saleem Azhar
General Secretary/CEO




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