Spread the Light of Quran

Spread the Light of Quran


  • Rs. 2,000 (Hifz Monthly Fees)
  • Rs. 200 (Qaida Monthly Fees)
  • Rs. 500 (Nazra Monthly Fees)
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With an aim to help children in poor localities to get the education, Al-Khidmat has established 5 Iqra Tafheem-ul-Quran Schools and 77 Madaris in different localities of Karachi which are managed by Al-Khidmat Karachi and wherein children belonging to poor families are provided, primary education and Hiffiz and Nazra Qurban education.

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Donate Any, Rs. 2,000 (Hifz Monthly Fees), Rs. 200 (Qaida Monthly Fees), Rs. 500 (Nazra Monthly Fees)