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The mission is to implement an Islamic Micro-finance model to eradicate poverty and to improve the living standards of the deprived class of this society in the dreadful economic calamity by providing them interest free loans. The ambition of the program is to serve the humanity which itself is a reflection of the Alkhidmat’s slogan. The organization will try to enhance the Islamic practices of banking to flourish the concept throughout the country enabling people to sustain ruthless economic condition.


To facilitate the poor people in every region of Pakistan by the end of 2020.

What we do?

1- Small Business Support                                2- Self Employment                                3- Skill Development
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Al-Khidmat Foundation’s Mawakhat Program

Alkhidmat realizes that unemployment is a serious issue in Pakistan that leads to numerous other social problems. The rate of employment soars each year, resulting in a dangerously high poverty rate.

Financial support to small salespersons

In response, Alkhidmat Karachi with the technical and financial of Alkhidmat Foundation has introduced a ‘Mawakhat Program’ which offers small business support to individuals seeking employment.

Usually, these individuals do not have access to conventional banking system. They usually have the expertise, motivation, and know-how to successfully run a small-scale business. What they seek is seed-money.


Home-based schooling

Alkhidmat Mawakhat Program provides interest-free loan to such enterprising individuals,thus empoweringa vulnerable segment of society. Alkhidmat Mawakhat Program has already helped 50 people support their families across Karachi.

Rs. 1,542,500 have been spent to provide loans to these low-income individuals. Additionally, Al-Khidmat Foundation also works on several skill-development programs which help people acquire skills, knowledge, and abilities to make a decent living.


Mobile vocational trainer
AlkhidmatFoundation Pakistan understands the importance of skills for the youth. In this program young individuals are given vocational training to help them acquire required skills in a specific trade. Alkhidmat Foundation outsources the training to renowned training service providers to ensure the quality and program delivery of the training.

Alkhidmatsupports such small businessmen who can’t arrange financial resources for their business expansion. Alkhidmatprovides interest free small loans to such businessmen so that they can earn more with small establishment in their current business thus improving their income and living standards.


Small business ventures



Alkhidmat provides seed-money to such individuals; males and females, who aim to start a business venture for livelihood. This helps them to get an opportunity to transform their dream of own business in to reality. The loan money is then collected back in monthly installments without any interest or service charges.

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