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Program Overview

Unfortunately after more than 70 years of independence, the healthcare sector has not grown as much as it should have been and Pakistanis are still facing several health issues. Pakistan spends—an appalling—less than one percent of its GDP on healthcare sector, which is one of the lowest ratios in the world.

Alkhidmat has always strived to serve the poorest and neediest segment of the society. Keeping in view the situation of poor infrastructure of government in health sector Alkhidmat started many projects with an aim to improve health facilities for the general public, regardless of their socio-economic status.

Al-Khidmat also regularly sets up medical camps in rural and semi-rural areas all across Sindh so that people could benefit healthcare facilities at their door steps. Many of these temporary health camps are also set in disaster-ridden areas, where immediate medical assistance is required. Note that the services of some of the most renowned and brilliant doctors and para-medical staff is made available in these camps.

Mother and Child Healthcare Centers (MCHCs)

Maternal, newborn and child healthcare statistics in Pakistan are some of the poorest in South Asia. Despite improvements in 1990s, Pakistan lags many of its neighbors in health and population outcomes. To cope up with such situation, Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan has established Mother & Child Healthcare Centers across Pakistan with the objective to provide natal and postnatal facilities. It’s a 24/7 facility for all patients regardless of the race, religion and caste. It doesn’t only provide emergency service but also the facility of general wards for all the patients including nursery for the newborns.


Hospitals are important to treat serious illnesses, diseases and disorders of various types and severity. They don’t  only  provide  emergency  services  but  also  provide  long  term  and continuous medical facility to indoor patients. They also create jobs and in some cases can provide a safe place for people who are mostly recovered from abuse etc. but are not safe at home or in the community. Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan has established hospitals across Pakistan with the objective to provide natal and postnatal facilities. Our hospitals are a medical facility for all the segments of society regardless of their socio-economic status.


Clinic is a place where outpatients are given medical treatment or advice, especially of a specialist nature. Alkhidmat Foundation has established a large number of clinics, which help the poor and the needy people to get access to a qualified medical doctor. An average fee of Rs.25/- is charged that includes preliminary medicine and consultancy fee. Clinics also refer patients to the nearby hospital of Alkhidmat Foundation where and when necessary.

Diagnostic Center

There is a growing public need of diagnostic facilities as practitioners rather rely on the medical reports than their own past experiences and observations. Diagnostic Services and Clinical Laboratories have become an extremely profitable business, especially in remote and rural areas of Pakistan while in public sector the diagnostic services are very poor. Alkhidmat Foundation Diagnostic Network through its Diagnostic centers provides more reliable and authentic reports with the help of its latest imported diagnostic equipment in its diagnostic centers and qualified medical staff. Most of the diagnostic centers of Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan are serving the remote and rural areas of Pakistan.

Ambulance Service

Due to the increasing numbers of road accidents, terrorist attacks, poor health conditions of masses, terrorism and natural disasters, people are extremely vulnerable to causalities. In such uncertain circumstances, they need a quick access to any sort of medical facility which can decrease the chance of any major loss. In such situation the role of ambulance service has gained major importance. The objective of Alkhidmat Foundation for its ambulance service is to mitigate the severity of accidents or disasters where many people die as a result of unavailability of quick access to hospitals or ambulances arriving too late on the scene. A large number of our ambulances across Pakistan provide appropriate pre-hospital care to the patients and or victims of any emergency situation. They are kitted out with necessary equipment like splints, oxygen, drugs, support of paramedical staff and others.

Blood Banks

Blood  banks  are  crucial  for  those  patients  who  require  blood  in  case  of  emergency  especially  the  victims  of  terrorist  attacks  and  road  accidents.  Blood  banks  also  provide  routine  supply  of  required  blood  for  the  patients  of  thalassemia  while  they  are  extremely  helpful  during  seasonal  epidemics  like  Dengue  fever.

Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan has established many Blood Banks across Pakistan. These  blood   banks  provide  platelets  for  the  patients  of   Dengue  fever  for   their  treatment.  Blood  can  also  be  acquired  for  patients  who  go  under  medical  surgeries  and  other  medical  tests   like   Biopsy   and   Endoscopy.   During   C-Section   and   minor   operations   for   gynecology  implications  these  blood  banks  play  a  vital  role  in  the  life  saving  procedure  of  mothers  and  their  newborns.  As  most  of  the  Alkhidmat  Foundation  blood  excessively  becomes  dire   for  patients  in  big  cities,  all  of  them  are  providing  the  best  facilities  to  the  metropolitan.

Medical Camps

Besides its several health and medical facilities, Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan also arranges mobile  medical camps as its out-reach program to provide medical and health facility to those who can’t afford medical services. These camps provide specialized medical staff  for the patients at their nearby place. These  medical  camps provide initial diagnostic facility through qualified medical staff  to the patients. Patients are examined and prescribed for initial treatment according to their symptoms and sometimes they are referred to a suitable medical facility.

Ambulance Fleet Management

Alkhidmat Ambulance Fleet Management is another step towards the fulfillment of our goal service to humanity. The system is equipped with various advanced gadgets and technology tools for complete management of urgent and programmed services, control and tracking of the ambulance fleet, management of the in-cabin services, and document management to keep records of patients, workers and vehicles.

Free Helpline 1023

The free helpline 1023 enables the citizens to reach Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan’s Ambulance Service from across the country. The countrywide network maintains a track record of 10-minute response time and documentation system.

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