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Clean Water

Program Overview

According to  WHO 30% of all hospital admissions are connected to water borne bacterial and parasitic conditions with 60% of infant deaths caused by water borne infections.

Unfortunately, Pakistan has been facing an acute shortage of drinking water. In fact, Pakistan is one of the 30 most water-deficient countries in the world. The situation is expected to aggravate.

Clean Water


Water is critical to nourishing and fostering life. Access to clean drinking water reduces incidence of diarrhea, malaria, trachoma, hepatitis A & B and other waterborne diseases. Lack of clean water sources threatens life, destroys opportunity and undermines human dignity.

According to WHO more than 63,000,000 Pakistanis lack access to clean water sources and every year 250,000 children die due to waterborne diseases. Urban slum dwellers and rural villagers don’t have the financial muscle to acquire clean water sources and require assistance.

Provision and community ownership of clean water sources has socio-economic benefits in terms of prevention of illness and decreased healthcare expenses which amount to a staggering US $ 1.3billion/year.

Our Water Services:

Al-Khidmat is practically active in ensuring the provision of clean drinking water. Al-Khidmat Karachi’s activities involve installing hand-pumps and submersible pumps through boring in water scare areas in suburbs of Karachi region, drilling water-wells in remote water-scarce areas, and facilitation of water in villages through installation of hand pumps and submersible pumps. In addition to Karachi hundreds of water projects, particularly hand pumps and water wells, were carried out in Tharparkar and other disaster prone district of Sindh by Al-khidmat Karachi. Al-Khidmat Karachi is doing whatever possible, according to the needs of the localities in the region.

Thanks to Al-Khidmat (Allah Buksh – Islam Kot, Tharparkar Sindh)


My name is Allah Bakhsh and I live with my family in the remote village of Islamkot, Kukhunhaar. We had to travel to distant places in search for water. Under a dry season (3-4 years) our problems multiply: our children get ill and our domestic animals languish. Life gets extremely hard for us.

The current year is also a tough one for us due to an on-going drought. But Al-Khidmat  came to our rescue: they arranged medical camps in our village, gave us ration (food), and above all dug for us two water-wells in my village. We are extremely thankful to Al-Khidmat for our water-related issues are resolved now—both for our families and our animals. (07-04-2014: Islamkot, Tharparkar, Sind).

Extend your Support & Kindness

In the current year Tharparkar was hit by a severe drought. 200 young children died due to lack of clean water and food. A large number of domesticated animals also perished. Al-Khidmat has been working on water-projects in Thar as well as other under-developed areas. Thar required at least 300 water-projects instantly.

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