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Unfortunately after 65 years of independence, the healthcare sector has not grown as much as it should have been and Pakistanis are still facing several health issues. Pakistan spends—an appalling—less than one percent of its GDP on healthcare sector, which is one of the lowest ratios in the world.

Issues faced by Pakistan:

The infant mortality rate in Pakistan is pretty high, and most children get killed by Pneumonia, Diarrhea, complications in pregnancy, and other curable diseases. Private sector claims a major proportion (70%) of Pakistan’s healthcare sector. The private sector has done a commendable job, however it is not affordable for all and sundry.

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Alkhidmat mobile clinic

75% of Pakistan’s population lies below poverty line; furthermore most of the private health sector is located in the urban areas, which means that the people of rural areas are deprived of affordable health facilities. More than 50% of population is deprived of generic health facilities.

About 19% of the population is malnourished, which is a higher rate than the 17 %average for developing countries; moreover 30% of children under (age) five are malnourished. Leading causes of sickness and death include Gastroenteritis, Respiratory infections, Hepatitis, Congenital abnormalities, Tuberculosis, Malaria, and Typhoid fever. Pakistan still faces the problem of less number of doctors, nurses, and other necessary paraphernalia in comparison to the demands of total population.

Efforts of AlKhidmat:


Al-Khidmat Karachi has always served the poorest and neediest segment of Pakistan’s society, particularly Sindh and Karachi. Keeping all these circumstances in view, Al-Khidmat Karachi started many project with an aim to improve health facilities for the public.

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Mobile Dispensary

Al-Khidmat Karachi has devised a health program according to which a specific vision for health has been followed. In that context, Al-Khidmat has been establishing and administrating many hospitals and healthcare centers across Karachi.

Al-Khidmat also regularly sets up medical camps in rural and semi-rural areas all across Sindh so that people could benefit healthcare facilities at their door steps. Many of these temporary health camps are also set in disaster-ridden areas, where immediate medical assistance is required. Note that the services of some of the most renowned and brilliant doctors and para-medical staff is made available in these camps.

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Alkhidmat providing Heatstroke training

Alkhidmat has always strived to serve the poorest and neediest segment of the society. Keeping in view the situation of poor infrastructure of government in health sector Alkhidmat started many projects with an aim to improve health facilities for the general public, regardless of their socio-economic status.

Alkhidmat has devised a health program according to which a specific vision for health has been followed by establishing and administrating the following: When the flood of 2010 penetrated Kot Addu it had become extremely difficult for volunteers and rescuers to help the trapped residents. Alkhidmat was one of those few organizations who used boats to reach the remotest areas of Kot Addu to help survivors. It was then decided to establish a medical health facility for the people of Kot Addu to help them provide the best possible health services. Mother and Child Healthcare Center Kot Addu was established in 2011 to help the community regarding natal, postnatal and prenatal medical services. The idea was then shifted to various other locations of Pakistan where MCHCs are facilitating on the grass root level.

‘Health is wealth’ is a common quote we hear in our daily life but I realized this after losing my health. My name is Illahi Bakhs and I am 55 now. I live in Sindh and my village is about 40 miles away from Tando Allah Yar. It was the beginning of summer when I started losing my weight very quickly. I started feeling high temperature following by weakness and fatigue. My health was soaring down with every passing day. My cousin took me to a DHQ hospital where we didn’t get any attention or treatment. After spending one day on the gate of this hospital we decided to go to Alkhidmats’ hospital.

Here, the staff was extremely helpful and cooperative, they took my case as emergency and doctors examined my condition thoroughly. They then decided to admit me in their hospital and started their medical proceedings accordingly. As my cousin told them that we were not able to pay for the treatment. The doctor encouraged us by saying that Alkhidmat Foundation will pay for the treatment.

Next day they diagnosed that I was suffering with chronic Typhoid. They started my treatment and I started feeling better in just 2 days. They kept me in hospital for 4 days and didn’t even ask for a single penny. The only expenditure we incurred was Rs. 20/- token fee which we had paid on the very first day at the reception counter. This ailment could have been fatal but Allah gave me another life through Alkhidmat.

Following are the details regarding the extension of the AlKhidmat Nazimabad Hospital.

     2017-06-16 Alkhidmat Diagnostic Institute, Nazimabad     

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