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    Orphan Care Program
    Raised: Rs.10,410,000
    Goal: Rs.75,000,000
    Orphans belong to the most vulnerable group of our society especially from deprived and economically disadvantaged areas of Pakistan. A huge number of orphans...........
  2. alkhidmat saaf pani water filtration team customer service training karachi
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    Clean Water
    Raised: Rs.2,200,000
    Goal: Rs.68,000,000
    Pakistan is on its way to become a water deficient country as it already stands at 30th position among the most water-deficient countries of the world.
  3. alkhidmat Karachi send a child school donation
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    Send A Child School
    Raised: Rs.12,600,000
    Goal: Rs.50,000,000
    Al-Khidmat’s undertakings for promotion of education encircle all matters and issues relating to educational scenario in Pakistan. We are working enthusiastically to expand...