Send A Child School

alkhidmat Karachi send a child school donation
Raised: Rs.12,600,000
Goal: Rs.50,000,000

I was reciting the Holy Quran one evening when suddenly electricity went off. Suddenly it appeared a dense blackout in the whole house. My youngest daughter was also struggling to study her book in the same time. When I lit up a candle, she suddenly spoke out, “Ammi! Mom Batti band kar dy, meri teacher kehti ha k is kitaab k ilm sy roshni nikly ge”. (Mom! Turn the candle off, my teacher says, “The knowledge from this book will bring light in the world”.

I was amused to hear her words, but it was actually the right time to ponder upon the purity and richness of education of my daughter through those dedicated teachers who do not only teach them but also embed the actual meaning of education in their hearts.

Though I am a widow and Al-Khidmat Foundation is providing free education to my children but this was the first time I learned that if Allah assesses you with some grief or penalty He also provides alternate as your reward for the patience. Such meaningful education of my children in Al-Khidmat’s school is the reward for me from Allah Almighty.