Clean Water

alkhidmat saaf pani water filtration team customer service training karachi
Raised: Rs.2,200,000
Goal: Rs.68,000,000

Al-Khidmat is practically active in ensuring the provision of clean drinking water. Al-Khidmat Karachi’s activities involve installing hand-pumps and submersible pumps through boring in water scare areas in suburbs of Karachi region, drilling water-wells in remote water-scarce areas, and facilitation of water in villages through installation of hand pumps and submersible pumps. In addition to Karachi hundreds of water projects, particularly hand pumps and water wells, were carried out in Tharparkar and other disaster prone district of Sindh by Al-khidmat Karachi. Al-Khidmat Karachi is doing whatever possible, according to the needs of the localities in the region.