Appeal For Rozgar Program

Small-scale self employed people

Unemployment is another major issue in Pakistan. According to a study, unemployment rate has risen to 6.5% this year. Unemployment doesn’t only pose an existential threat to many but its moral implications on the society are undeniable.

Al-Khidmat Karachi is a strong advocate of creating employment opportunities. Al-Khidmat provides small-scale self-employments means to the poorest people with financial support of its donors. With hard work, and the will of Allah these people get an opportunity to feed their families and grow financially.

Al-Khidmat spends a substantial sum on the training of the people, so that they could acquire necessarily skills to find meaningful employment. Al-Khidmat also makes use of the principles of micro finance to help people who desire to start their own small-scale work so that they may prosper and in future help in employment generation.

Last year, 44 people benefited from Al-Khidmat’s Rozgar Program (Self Employment) and hopefully the number of beneficiaries will grow with your generous donations.

This Ramadan you will have another opportunity to please Allah and do not forget that one of the best manners to achieve His blessings is to help the deserving and the poor. Your donations can change not only the life of an individual but help create a more equitable society.

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